Real Men Are Emotional…

“Men can’t be emotional.” ~ Society

Dear Society,

The statement above couldn’t be any more absurd; but I’m sure there’s quite a few people who’d agree with it. I think this notion not only stems from the media but society as a whole. Just think about the little things for a second. When a young boy cries, most times the first thing someone says is “Big boys don’t cry.”  As if whatever caused him to become sad is irrelevant and not a valid excuse for tears. It’s almost like they’re taught from adolescence to adulthood how to conceal their emotions.

This can ultimately cause men to lack empathy for others and develop terrible communication skills. Now I’m no therapist nor am I trying to be one. However, if a man were to show any emotion other than anger- he’d be considered weak and less than (according to society). What I’d like to know is- why are we so stuck on stripping our men of their feelings? I mean who wants a mate that’s as stiff as a board? I know I don’t. I think real men show their emotions. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say there’s nothing sexier than a man who’s in touch with his sensitive side. I’m not saying I want a big water keg on my hands; but if we’re watching Best Man Holiday and you don’t cry when Mia dies- YOU need to exit stage left my man! Clearly you have to be one heartless bastard. Morris Chestnut’s breakdown was super Oscar worthy!

My suggestion is this: let’s take away all these ridiculous gender limitations because majority of them are outdated anyway. I know I sound like a beauty pageant contestant with all this “world peace” nonsense-but I’m serious. We should allow people to figure out who they’re suppose to be for themselves. Everyone already has an overbearing parent (or two) trying to control their life. I doubt anybody needs another.

P.S -This was not directed towards my grandparents. I love them so very much. Their incessant input is greatly appreciated, so please encourage them to continue sending monetary gifts!


A broke college student addicted to spending money she doesn’t have 💕

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