Slim, Thick, or Pleasantly Plump

Well thanks to Drake- plus sized women have become more desirable…

Ok, not exactly, but we’re getting there.

I’ll warn you now—being a curvy woman myself has made me a bit bias with certain issues. For instance, the Dear Fat People video was absolutely disrespectful! But I think more people watched in silent agreement than adamant anger. We helped more than hurt her in my opinion. If no one knew of her before- they sure as hell do now.

I’m willing to bet that most people actually laughed without even thinking about it.

Probably some of you reading this right now.

I could rant all day about she who shall remain nameless but I won’t. Instead, here’s to all the people who can’t or refuse to accept reality.

*deep breathe*

Now in a perfect world, everyone is created equal. The dinosaurs are still here casually roaming the earth- careful to only eat the “bad” animals to rid us all of negativity. Unicorns and rainbows are not just apart of our imaginations anymore. You even get to be that mega superstar you dreamed about during your childhood. Isn’t life great?

Alright, wake up now. It’s 2015 and rich idiots like Donald Trump are seriously running for presidency.

Oh yeah and as for “fat people”- majority of us are actually content with our extra baggage. Go figure!

What you have to understand is society tends to separate humans the way butchers package slabs of meat. The skinny ones over here while the bigger ones are over there. Unfortunately, it’s just life as we know it.

Now, Lane Bryant’s recent commercial made a lot of people uncomfortable. Hmm, I wonder why…

Again, not really. It seems to me that the only people who had or have a problem with it are the same ones who use #AllLivesMatter in retaliation to #BlackLivesMatter. I’m sure some of you may think I’m reaching with this one, but stay with me here. Saying “plus is equal” isn’t shaming anyone. It’s an attempt at embracing those who are sometimes overlooked or looked past. The slogan is not “plus is better,” so I’m not understanding how anyone can be upset with this and have a logical explanation.

In a society where most fashion trends are marketed to and for the slender population- plus sized women  (and men alike) have to essentially get in where they fit in. Celebrities like Jill Scott, Adele, Melissa McCarthy, and Gabourey Sidibe serve as inspiration for larger framed women to love themselves.

Now, whether or not the models were accurate representations of full figured women is neither here nor there in my opinion. I just enjoyed seeing women on the screen that looked closer to my size. It was awesome!

Think of it this way: regardless of how society separates us- we are ALL individually beautiful and uniquely designed.

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