Have Several Seats, Raven

Many of us grew up watching the oh-so-adorable Olivia Kendall (better known as Raven-Symoné) on the Cosby Show. From Hangin with Mr. Cooper to That’s So Raven–she was our girl. Pearman (her real last name) was one of the few child stars to overcome the pressures of Hollywood and live pretty much scandal-free. Of course there were the baby rumors and occasional jabs about her weight, but nothing major.

Lately, however, Pearman has been saying quite a mouth full. Now, I’m not sure if these statements are accurate reflections of her actual thought process or if she’s just a puppet with someone tugging at her strings. Either way–they’re just plain stupid. She’s been extremely disrespectful to one of the main communities who have supported her for years—us Black folk! I mean, The View seems to only give her a larger platform to share her ignorance.

First, she dismisses labels such as “African American” or anything to do with her sexuality and insists on being called “American” (which is still technically a label). She then told the world that she’s from every continent in Africa with the exception of one. WOOOOW! I’ve never been much of a geography person myself but that just took the cake.

imageRecently, she took to Facebook to apologize to the public for her tasteless comments regarding discrimination in the workplace based on “ghetto”names. Unfortunately, her foot was already stuck in her mouth and the damage had been done. Many people clapped back on Twitter and other social media sites after growing exhausted with her antics. They were NOT here for any of her shenanigans.

Personally, I think people should have the free will to name their children whatever they see fit WITHOUT fear of future unfair treatment. Just think: Barack Obama is not your typical “Corporate America” type of name- yet he’s the leader of our free nation. Condoleezza Rice was the former Secretary of State. (I’m sure we can all agree on her name’s uniqueness.) Beyoncé is one of the greatest entertainers of our generation (whether you like her or not is besides the point.) Ava DuVernay directed (arguably) the most iconic film this year and so on and so forth.

Ultimately, your name should not determine your success in this world. Neither should it limit your opportunities. Now, Raven-Symoné is entitled to her opinion but WE (those of us with “ghetto” names) can also disagree with her.

If I grew up allowing the judgement from people like her to discourage me- I don’t think I’d be seven months away from obtaining my bachelors degree in broadcast journalism. I would’ve never envisioned my name on anyone’s television. However, I do now. Thankfully, I know that my name is just an ingredient to my intelligence and talents. It’s simply the icing on the cake. So if you can’t get past it- YOU are the problem.

Ms. Raven, do us all a favor and have several seats. Thanks!

– Management


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