Wrong But Right

For obvious reasons–names will be changed in today’s blog. However, many of you who will read this post will know exactly who and what I’m referring to…

Lately, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the University of West Tennessee (fake name). It began with a column printed in the local newspaper written by Dean Debbie Blue (another fake name). She is the only African American dean at the university and I’m noting her race for reasons I will explain later.

Anyway–in the article, Blue recounted the events from a recent police encounter where she felt racially profiled. Within a matter of moments, the police department released the dash cam footage in an attempt to refute Blue’s accusations. It seemed like all hell broke loose after that.

From alumni to local West Tennessee residents- a lot of people were enraged at Blue for “trying to ensue a war of the races.” Many called repeatedly to persuade the University’s President to relieve Blue of her job. In addition to the calls, there was also a petition with several thousand signatures on it. Yes, it got THAT serious!

Fortunately, Dean Blue still has a day job, but I think her credibility has been tarnished. As for me, on the other hand, I have mixed feelings about the whole ordeal.

The dash cam shows the police following Blue as she flaps her arms while walking in the street of her neighborhood. She had in her headphones and wore a gray hoodie. I’m not sure why people were so upset with her choice of exercise, but I saw nothing wrong with it. I would’ve honestly just pulled alongside her (in my patrol car), told her to get on the sidewalk, and wished her well. It was not that serious to stop her, ask for identification, and call in to check for warrants. It felt as if the police couldn’t believe an African American woman could live in an area without government assistance. I’m just saying.

I think she had every right to feel how she felt considering the event circulating in the news these days. However, when Blue compared her situation to recent and deceased victims- that was overkill. Now, it could’ve gone awry, but it didn’t.



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