Final Assessment

Race, Gender, and Media has forever changed the way I view certain things and situations in the news. I leave the class feeling as if I’ve discovered the secret formula to a Krabby Patty or something. It was definitely a great experience.

I think what I’ll miss most about the course are the passionate discussions we engaged in weekly. Listening to different perspectives and learning to develop a tolerance for them will definitely come in handy for the days to come. I have watched people become divided over heated debates and have witnessed them unite during another. There was truly never a dull moment in class.

Any course that weaves social media in its web of content deserves recognition. I also applaud my professor for making each and every lesson interesting. I never once felt like I was being lectured or bored to death with tedious assignments. It was always a joy coming to class. Even if I felt sleepy or just plain exhausted- I could count on the professor to make things memorable and interactive. I think for large classes- this method is always a sure winner.

I’m also thankful for the lack of group projects this semester. I absolutely detest group assignments simply because I usually end up with couch potatoes who expect to be carried throughout the class. In addition to that, I loved the mini presentations by the students at the beginning of almost every class. Some sparked great conversations, while others just pissed most people off. Overall, I would most definitely recommend younger scholars to take this course. It will teach them how to stay respectful and keep their comments tasteful even in the midst of disagreement. It’s a course that will help you to become a more mature adult and develop thick skin. Not everyone will share your opinions or your perception of certain situations, so you have to learn how to deal with that. Thank you for a great semester. It was one of a kind.


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