Suffragette (spoiler alert)

This movie was quite interesting despite the fact that I would have never seen it on my own. My interest with movies is usually peaked when the cast has individuals who look like me or those whose faces seem familiar.  I only knew of Meryl Streep in this movie. Although her role was rather small in the film, I thought she did exceptionally well as usual.

For those of you who don’t know- a suffragette was a woman who served as a significant asset or advocate to the fight for women’s rights. These women were courageous and often time faced many hardships along their journey. It should be of no surprise that several of their spouses were not supportive of their actions.

I grew most upset when one woman was severely beaten by her husband. Then, there was another husband who went for the jugular by removing the wife’s privilege to see their son. Later, the same guy gave the child up for adoption and I almost lost it. My heart broke for the mother. I was livid to see how much power men had over women back then. It was enough to make any sane person’s blood boil.

Aside from that, I really wish the casting director would’ve selected a more diverse group of women. By limiting the movement to one race of women, it diminished the efforts of others. I’ve read so many articles about women of color who went over and beyond for women’s rights. There’s an abundance of women who risked their lives and livelihood to fight for women’s suffrage. However, I’ll just give them an A for effort. Isn’t that what the Oscars usually does?

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