Be A Light

Many times, I get sucked up in throwing myself a pity party. I become so overwhelmed with my shortcomings—I hardly stop to think about the next person. I can guarantee there’s always someone one who has it worse than me. To be ‘worse’ in this sense has little to do with finances but more so their mental health. It’s so easy to brush off someone’s  problems and deem them invaluable to society or just an all around Negative Nancy. But it’s never quite that simple.

See, some people know how to access freedom in their mind FIRST and seek that in life afterwards. Unfortunately, there are many others who struggle with this very thing. Often times, they’ve continuously been beaten down and simply cannot fathom success; constantly second-guessing their every move and letting insecurity riddle their thought-process.

For that same reason, positive influences are a necessity in every part of our world—for children but especially for adults. We cater to kids in teaching them to dream big and reach for the stars; but seldomly do we actually care for adults who’ve let their inner child die. They don’t hope or dream anymore because they’ve forgotten how. Therefore, we can’t expect them to teach their children something they don’t practice themselves; nor can we blame them for choosing not to do so.

It goes without saying that one’s childhood plays a tremendous role in their way of thinking. That adult you tend to judge harshly or cast aside as pathetic or otherwise has a story too. Stop and have a conversation with them because you may just redirect their outlook on life. Encourage them. Feed their dreams and aspirations. Let them know it’s never too late to start fresh. As the saying goes- age is just a number. It does not define who you are or limit who you can become.

Please be a light in someone’s life. It could change everything.

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