2017 Grammy Hopefuls


The Grammys are right around the corner and for the first time in a long time- I’m really excited about this year’s nominees…

As an indie artist myself, I can’t help but to feel that any win for Chance The Rapper will be a dub for all of us. I’ll admit I became a fan a little late in the game, but he had me shook after his ESPY’s tribute to the late, great Muhammad Ali. I’m actually still waiting for it to be released as a single. *side eye*

I mean, this guy has been absolutely amazing to watch. His ambition, drive and fearlessness should be inspiring to every artist out there. I hope he goes home with more than just a few rounds of applause.

Lukas Graham is another one of my favorites. Now, I hate that I missed their Houston show, but I’m sure all’s not lost. If you haven’t listened to their self-titled album, you’re doing your ears a huge disservice. (Better Than Yourself is my fave song! I replayed it for hours the first time I heard it.) I mean, you’d have to have been living under a rock to not have heard 7 Years. It was one of the best feel-good songs of 2016. I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it on the radio, at the mall, on TV, and so on. I think their odds of winning are pretty high. However, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Then comes a true Queen blazing through in a lane all her own- *cues inner ratchet*

Baby Girl has honestly been poppin’ for years; but y’all can feel free to hop on the bandwagon at any given moment. There’s always room for new fans. Personally, I’ve been following Solange for awhile now. Some reasons are obvious but I’ll list them anyway.

1. She’s one of Houston’s finest.
2. She supplied vocals to the theme song of one of the best Black cartoons of my childhood.
3. She sang next to our 2000’s boo-thang.
4. Her style of clothing and music are both iconic.
5. More specifically, she blessed my soul with hits like T.O.N.Y and Would’ve Been the One (and the entire ASAT album last year).
6. Aside from her undeniable beauty, talent and that special Knowles pizzazz- she’s the epitome of Black Girl Magic.

Basically, she’s that really cool aunty (in my head) who I want to succeed at everything. The accolades are LONG over due. 🙄 I honestly and truly need the Grammys to give Ms. Knowles her proper dues this year.

Real fans will be waitin’ in the cut with Mama T- just in case y’all think it’s a game.

Find me on social media and share who you’ll be rooting for.

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