Haters, Strangers, and Optimism!

If I had to pick one thing that could kill a dream faster than the rampant doubts of the dreamer itself- it would definitely be a hater. For some strange reason, we tend to absorb the opinions of others who couldn’t care less about our well-being. Instead of keeping a mental file cabinet filled with positivity—we store the complete opposite. This kind of storage system breeds excuses and self-pity while opening the door for mediocrity.

Understand that haters are the true advocates of the Devil. Their sole purpose is to destroy your confidence, your willingness to persevere through the bad breaks, and to ultimately keep you from continuous self-progression. If you’re fine with settling for any and everything—be my guest and dwell on the opinions of your haters.

However, if you want something much more promising—listen closely. When you’re in a place in your life where things aren’t happening the way you initially envisioned them—take a step back. Sometimes we’re too eager, too impatient, and too close to a situation to see the bigger picture. Our constant desire for fast results can ruin everything.

Next, try a change of scenery and hang around a few strangers. Being in the same place with the same familiar faces will eventually start to take its toll on your natural creative instincts. This is due to the fact that those guys are used to whatever it is that you do. Subconsciously, they have already devised a mental rubric on how they grade your performance. Therefore, they have little space for something different. At this point, you just need to meet their standards while they check them off in their heads. In a way, this is similar to how teachers and professors grade school papers or projects. It’s hard to grant someone a clean slate once you’ve already had a few encounters.

Finally, you need to shift your outlook and reassess your reasoning for doing the thing that you do. Are you really doing this for you or for the approval of others. If having a little to no following bothers you so much so, that you would want to quit—then perhaps this is not something you should continue to pursue.

As you know, the world is shifty. People love you one minute and hate you the next. You need to make sure that you are more than passionate enough to continue with what you’re doing even if you have no supporters. I’m sure every actor has had their moment when no one came to a show or a movie bombed at the box office. I kinda doubt they just forgot all about the hard work they’ve put into perfecting their craft, just to up and quit when things got tough.

Optimism in any and every situation is vital to your ability to keep on going. You owe it to yourself to be great under all circumstances. See the light even in the midst of darkness.

Your time is coming so keep on working and never stop believing.

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