The Breakup: 5 Lessons Learned

It’s pretty healthy to experience a few heartbreaks in your life. Whether it’s your high school sweetheart, your college beau, or your first spouse- sometimes we have to let people go. However, many times there are more positives to being single than being in a relationship. The best thing to do is to weed out the wrong people before the right person comes along. Here are some lessons that I learned after my last breakup.

1. Remember: It’s not the end.

Ok, so this breakup stung a bit. On the other hand, it’s not the end all, be all of relationships. I don’t care how old you are- love is still out there for you. Sure, they gave you some great memories but who says the train stops here. This world is much too big and far too grand to sit around replaying old films of the past. Take a trip, go seize new moments and create your own movie.

2. Do NOT lower your standards.

“I’ ve been single for so long now. Maybe I’m too picky…”

Umm, that’s a negative! One of the worse things to do after a breakup is lower your standards. All that does is open the door for trash to flow through. You knew what you wanted before this past relationship and I’m sure you have an even better idea now that it’s over. If anything, I’d say raise those standards. Maybe it could save you a lot of time when you meet the next person.

3. Get distracted…

Find a hobby or some kind of creative outlet to take your mind off what’s happened. Do NOT check in on them or continue communicating in any way, shape or form. Doing so will only complicate the healing process and drag it further along. Unless, you are certain that you’re over this person- I wouldn’t have a relationship with them on social media either. I mean, how can you move past something when it’s staring you right in the face every time you log into Instagram? You can’t…In my opinion, this is a mild form of self-torture. Keep in mind you only have one heart. Therefore, you should do your best to always be kind to it.

4. Find peace in solitude.

Being alone should not be scary or depressing. It should give you the opportunity to discover more about who you are and what’s really important to you. Trust me when I say it is soooo rewarding to learn about yourself BY yourself! Because if you can’t be ‘whole’ by your lonesome- you’ll always end up searching for ‘half’ people. Newsflash- they don’t exist!

5. Stunt on ’em!

Finally, gather your composure and head out for some retail therapy. New clothes and a few new pieces added to my wardrobe always changes my mood for the better. Dress up even when you have nowhere to go. Because let’s be honest- that’s usually when you run into everybody. Take this time to revamp your style and your attitude. You broke it off with someone but don’t let them break your spirit too. Look your best and become your best…Thank me later 🙃

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