I know how difficult it can be to get the right person to notice and value your work. Many times, we have to be our own production team. Intelligence and skill alone won’t guarantee you a place in the business world if you don’t have the drive and determination to succeed.

I decided to combine my talents in writing, photography, and music by creating my own platform. I initially started my blog as a class assignment (and then left it to collect dust). Some time after graduating, the inspiration to begin again came from a place of desperation. I was still trying to make the transition from college into adulthood and was very much unemployed. I quickly learned, however, that I had all I needed right here.

Today I’m offering all of you a chance to gain more exposure for your craft. For a small fee of $30, I’ll be conducting an interview for a three paragraph write up. The only thing that is required of you (other than the fee of course) is a quality photo and a moment of your time. If you’re interested- shoot me an email at kandidsbykhelaire@gmail.com.



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