#MusicMondays | Sweet Dreams

In college, I used to have crazy bouts with insomnia and I’d always look for a creative outlet. Music, of course, was my go-to plan of action. I would head down to the computer room in my apartment building and record cover videos. It was a super simple setup: a Mac desktop computer, the iMovie program, and YouTube.

Occasionally, there would be fellow students in the room who were actually working on assignments. I would then have to wait it out just to be alone. God forbid someone actually heard me…I miss those times; but I’m happy to inform you all that I’m currently investing in my own little home studio. It won’t be anything fancy. I just want to get to a place where I can not only upload consistent (and quality) cover videos but also record original music to share as well.

Until then, head over to Life With Khelaire to enjoy a throwback rendition of “Sweet Dreams” by Beyonce. It’s probably one of my favorite covers to date!

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