Our words have more power than we give them credit for; so speak your greatness into existence even when no one else does. ~ Khelaire


DSC_7323-2.jpgNothing is more exciting and calming to me than the moments when I experience random sprouts of creativity. Singing, writing, acting and videography are all interests of mine. I am currently on a journey of self discovery where I’m finding the courage to put my faith to work and further explore these things. The journey has been overwhelming thus far but I’m more than sure it will be well worth it.


Recently, I decided to revisit my love for blogging and photography. In doing this, I’ve met a lot of people willing to offer a helping hand. I think it’s crucial for everyone to have a decent group of people surrounding them (or at least at their disposal) who can provide wisdom and guidance. Personally, I feel like God’s given me several talents that I should utilize. It is my job solely to make my life all that it can be…I don’t have all the answers, but every day I strive to find them.


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