We actually took these in her living room. It made me wish I had my own studio…

Indoor photography is such a breeze once you get your lighting setup the way you want it. I love looking back on my earlier portraits to see how much I’ve grown as a photographer. I think I learn something new with every new shooting opportunity. It makes me feel like I can be whoever I want as long as I give my all and try my absolute best each and every time.

Dearest Christian, you are always beautiful and I pray that you find your strength in remembering that!  -Love Khelaire ❤

With this shoot, I realized that I can do a really decent job if I plan ahead of time, prepare all of my equipment the night before and simply relax. Too often, I get nervous and tend to doubt my ability to capture a beautiful portrait. However, the more I shoot- the better I become. I’m excited to see what else I can do with my “Nifty Fifty.”


Congratulations on bringing in 25 more years of #BlackExcellence and cheers to celebrating a VERY long but adventurous night. To my first cousin and big sis- Happy Birthday!

Issa birthday shoot! I found a really nice park not too far from my house. I had a lot of ideas going into the shoot, but the weather kinda got the best of my nerves. All I could think about was getting a few quick shots before the rain started. It was a pretty hectic day. However, the birthday girl enjoyed her pictures so that’s really all that matters. Cheers to the next one!

My best friend’s little cousin gave me the workout of my life for his 2nd birthday. He’s super stinkin’ cute so I didn’t mind much. However, I wasn’t as excited about these shots as some of the others. I’m still learning about event photography. It’s just a process.

I am blessed to have a granddad like this guy right here. He’s the absolute best! We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but I know he’d give me the world if he could… I thank God for him (and of course for the rest of my family).

When your little cousin is not so little anymore…Where did the time go? She was literally just playing the Nintendo 64 with me (too young to realize her remote wasn’t even plugged in lol). Although she’s turned into a beautiful young lady, I have mixed feelings about her graduating high school next year. It’s too much for me! *sad face*

Well hello there! *cue the side-eye* This was the day I celebrated a small but monumental step in my photographic journey. I’d just ordered my very first light setup with a backdrop and I was stoked! If you’re an aspiring model or simply someone who doesn’t mind taking a chance on a new photographer- you should shoot me an email.




My beautiful friend and Soror, Lindsey allowed me to snap a few pictures of her as well. I was so excited about this being my very first birthday gig- I did NOT sleep the night before. I was so nervous but definitely willing to make her feel super comfy and amazing in front of the camera. She was more than enjoyable to work with and I honestly can’t wait till our next one.

I took some quick pics of Solange while she performed in Houston. Although they’re not the best, I was simply thrilled to be somewhat close to her. She’s an amazing artist and I was so grateful for the opportunity.

I never thought I would take my infatuation with photography past anything other than cute Instagram selfies. Well, all of that changed once I took a prerequisite in the second semester of my freshman year. Fast-forward to a few months post grad and I’m ordering my very first Nikon. As I evolve in my ‘kandid’ endeavors, be sure to share your thoughts on my progress…*uh hem* If you’re in the Houston area—book  a shoot. 👀

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