The music business is saturated with new talent every second of the day. The never-ending well of entertainment turns the possibility of financial stability into a game of Russian roulette. As a result, aspiring artists have to be extremely innovative when trying to capture and maintain the public’s attention. Needless to say, being a Jack of all trades is actually encouraged and oftentimes expected.  Someone who certainly understands the struggle is 23-year-old Sha’kee Sanders—who’s a CNA by day and a DJ, producer, and rapper by night.

It’s so complicated to do all of [these things]…you really have to have a true passion for it. It’s really hard. Some beats—I’m sitting here making them for 8-10 hours [but] I know it’s what I was put here to do.

Pressured to decide between being the family’s first college graduate and pursuing a career in music, Sha’kee took on biology with a concentration in pre-nursing at the University of North Texas. When textbooks were finally closed, the campus became a breeding ground for parties and plenty of opportunities to develop his vision. If he wasn’t spinning records for an event, Sha’kee was in his home studio working diligently on his brand.With a steady stream of income and an unwavering eagerness to separate himself from amateurshe set out to become the hardest working man in show business—better known as Complx AR.

I feel like the more I do- the more support I get behind me; because people don’t really believe in anything until you show it to them […] so that’s just where I am. I’m doing a little bit of everything and as [it] starts to come out- people are coming around more…

Although he made blazing hot playlistshis beats, on the other hand, grew ice cold with the public. In the beginning, even Sha’kee admitted that his sound was a bit outdated. However, instead of dwelling on the lack of support from family and friends, he started producing hits for himself. One could say rejection only fueled the passion behind songs like Fck It Up, Watch How, and Underrated. It wasn’t long before he could book gigs as a DJ and a performing artist.

I want to be the guy who speaks to more than just rap[…] I have many struggles and different things that I go through. My music is just a reflection of my life and a way of motivating people […] I think the most powerful tool today is kids; [so] I want to be that youthful energy that actually speaks on the things relevant to our culture and society. 

Now if you want to catch the guy who’s “never not working,” come out to RBC on July 27th for U Muzik Magazine‘s launch party. The show kicks off at 7:30 p.m. with live performances from DJ Sha’kee and many other local artists. Maybe he’ll even perform his latest single, NBA. Guess you’ll just have to be there to find out!