The persona of a young and promising rap artist with a classic flow rose from the north side of Houston, Texas. Born Jordan Davis, the 22-year-old wordsmith initially called himself ‘Steelo Jack.’ However, after parting ways with a local group—Davis gave life to Jack Vance.

[Jack Vance] is the person I’ve always been… [He’s] capable of amazing things [and he] can change the world… [He] walks everywhere like [he’s] a special guest.

Growing up in a household where the necessity of an education was constantly the topic of conversation, he soon put down his pen long enough to enroll at the University of North Texas. With H-Town in the rearview mirror—Jack found a new home with a group of talents that banded together to showcase their art. Every week, Peoetic Justice satisfied his creative appetite while also encouraging him to be comfortable in his truth.

I appreciate PJ for everything they did for me. I probably wouldn’t be where I am without [them].

Although college was a place for musical growth and lifestyle changes, it also housed some darker moments. From a tough breakup to a sinking GPA that ultimately ruined his undergrad experience—Jack was on the verge of self-destruction. His depression led to an unusual conversation with a random prostitute. Even so, these difficult times helped give birth to projects like Grooves and Nineteen. Together, they tell stories of heartache, hopelessness, suicide attempts and redemption.

I envy those times because I feel like that’s when I was my most vulnerable in a sense…I was unafraid of just telling it exactly how it was; I wasn’t trying to make it beautiful.

Seemingly, however, the worst time in his personal life inspired the best decision of his career. In typical Jack Vance fashion, his pen became a guiding light. He teamed up with longtime friend and producer, Potillo to drop songs like The Black Red Ranger, $300 and Growing Pains before heading to Los Angeles. With a heart full of ambition and uncertainty, he found himself in the land of opportunity. Yet and still, the transition brought about unexpected grief with the passing of his cousin. But Jack’s perspective changed for the better.

I’m just a living, breathing work in progress [but]I’m more disciplined—more knowledgeable of my purpose; what I’m supposed to do and how I’m supposed to do it.

True success for Jack Vance comes from the heart of those who find comfort and compassion within his music…but hey- money helps too 👀


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