Teachers are the gatekeepers of dreams and limitless capabilities. As children, we depend on our instructors to compact our mind with endless possibilities. Each one serves as a guiding light in helping us to discover our greatest potential. But who says they have to stop reaching for their own?

With her passion for creative artistry leading the way— Simone Hall helps her students to indulge in the freedom of artistic expression. As an educator, she found a home within the familiar walls of Cashmere Gardens Elementary School. The little girl originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico never thought collecting Polaroid pictures, game cards, and stickers would steer her back to where it all began.

The kids inspire me every single day [and] I love every moment of it. Not only am I teaching art but I’m giving back to the community that I grew up in which is pretty cool.

Hall initially discovered her talent for art after a parent offered to purchase a piece she’d made for a high school assignment. Up until that moment, she hadn’t realized the sincerity of her art teacher’s constant praise. Following graduation, Simone was uninterested in attending a university and decided to study graphic design at The Art Institute of Houston.

I did graphic design to expand who I was as an artist […] but at the end of my time at The Art Institute, I started realizing it wasn’t my thing. I didn’t enjoy it [but] it definitely broadened my love for photography.

When she wasn’t surrounded by young pupils, paint brushes, or pencils—her mom’s camera received all the attention. Since then, Simone has spent a great deal of time building an extensive portfolio. With help from family, friends, and a few strangers—she has made quite the name for herself. Between art class, photo shoots, and personal projects—who would guess Simone had the time to illustrate an upcoming children’s book? After meeting through mutual contacts, Hall joined forces with Vincetta Williams  for Black Just Like Me.

I was honored that she liked my work and trusted me to bring her vision to life; but I was kind of nervous. It took a while for me to get over that [but] once I got my character down—I was able to dive right in.

The young kreative is free to paint life’s canvas with anything her heart desires. She prides herself in taking opportunities as they come. Refusing to stress about tomorrow’s  trouble’s—Simone Hall continues to pursue the possibilities.

This is my dream to be honest. I’m able to work with kids and still have a lot of free time for my side interests; so right now I feel like I’m livin’ the life…The future will bring whatever it’s destined to bring.